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Hello, First let me WELCOME YOU to liveing house.com    Your new one stop to shop at home system.


My story started many years back when like most I got involved with the internet, and after a short time I found lots of things I wanted to do, but mostly I wanted to make money an help other’s. which brings me to the NOW,

After a fire burnt down a house to the grond and left a family with nothing but the clothes they were wearing (pygama’s),Having help from friends and family there basic needs where met so they could get on with there sorting out the future,   I found that there was a need to have a one stop shop Available for everyone so as they could go to the plsce and get what ever was needed,

This could basicially only be done over the internet where it was available to all, Anywhere in the world,So I done some quick research and quickly found my Shop where it is possilbe to get what ever one needs..hence I am now in the process of building my system, So Please BOOKMARK Liveinghouse.com for your future reference



Well since I have growed and experienced some life I found the best way ahead is to help people as best I could, And since I adopted this attitude I haave had much a better life moving forward, So paveing the road ahead does pay.Also into todays inviroment a lot of people need help with the fast pace the world is moving. I am way behind the 8 ball(so to speak) when it comes to keeping up with this pace of growth, And with the introduction of the World Wide Web (www) the world has experienced a massive Change,

Hence there are people who need help in some form or another, So if I can help a person or persons I am one to put my hand up an put word in to action,,



The GOAL of Liveinghouse.com   Is to give you a one stop shop from home experience.

Imagine shopping from home in a relaxed setting, Having your goods sent to your door,Would that not be so good, instaed of having to get the car and travell to the shop an move around till you find what it is you want, Think if you had to use public transport,I can only imagine a great headache,

Well at Liveinghouse.com  all you need to do is get comfortable and let your fingers do the walking, while you sit in the comfit of your warm home and select your goods. Now that I am  sure you can relate too in todays busy  busy life..

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Peter S..

The website

Email me, pete@psworld.co.nz

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