About Liveinghouse

About Peter
First I wish to Welcome you to  LIVEINGHOUSE.COM. A place where you can find everything and anything to build or rebuild your household,,,

Hello, My name is Peter and I am a older guy from way down in New Zealand, I am a ( in my opinion) quieter person who is lookin for a quieter life within this world, Just like so many others, And I have had a idea for many years to build a one stop shop,, This system will take a while as I build, And put it out there for YOU to use,I am like any other person in life and always looking forward as to how I can help others, I know this is a bold request I seek to follow and ask only that you will bookmark this site for your future reference

Liveinghouse.com is created with you in mind, so as you can have a one stop find it all system to find anything to do with stocking your Household with any thing you desire,,
Liveinghouse.com was started after a Fire burnt the house down and  left the people with nothing. So this prompted me to get busy and start my quest.

As  Liveinghouse.com Builds the system you will soon be able to Shop from the comfort of your home. Step 1 will be Clothing, as you really don’t want to be running around in your PJ’s now do you..

Good Question, I wish to help people to have a better life, so they can prosper an enjoy a life style of their choice, And by making their shopping experience better an easier I feel that is just another way of helping a another person do better at building their Lifestyle the way they so choose.

THE GOAL OF Liveinghouse.com SITE,
The purpose of Liveinghouse.com  is solely to give you a better and easier shopping experience, by you being able to save time and money by shopping thru this system, …. A one stop shopping system, Liveinghouse.com

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
All the best,
Peter Shadbolt
Or Email me,, pete@psworld.co.nz